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Acrobat and PDF tools

Work with PDF Documents and Metadata from Oracle WebCenter Content - seamlessly, without leaving Adobe or Foxit tools - and with ultimate simplicity.

Search Content Server right from within Acrobat or Foxit Reader... Check-Out and open for editing with one click flat... Check-In new revisions transparently on every save or Ctrl-S... Use Smart Form Assistant to fill metadata and never type the same values again.

Eliminate These Records, Compliance and Data Integrity Risks:

Documents are no longer left on the file system after check in.

Check-In is completed with one click and revisions are no longer missing - even when users are interrupted and would otherwise forget to complete the check in.

Correct content contributed - when users are not forced to browse for a file to check in - they won't accidentally pick a wrong file.

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One click Check Out

  • Locate, open and save PDF documents without leaving Acrobat or CS - just like the stock MS Word Plug-in
  • Recent Files in Adobe transparently open or check out files from their appropriate location - WebCenter or local file system
  • Recent Files from Content Server are also conveniently segregated in a menu and can be checked out and open with one click
  • Three powerful ways to locate documents in Content Server :
    • Quick Search
    • Advanced Search or
    • Browsing Folders
  • Recently used folders are saved for nearly one click Check Out

Instant Check In

  • Check In new documents directly from Adobe - by using Check In Form or by browsing folders. Recently used folders are saved for nearly one click check-ins
  • Recent values entered in the form on Check In are saved automatically and can be recalled with one click
  • Saved Personal Metadata Sets for quick check in with metadata
  • Create PDF portfolios by dragging and dropping documents directly from ECM search results
  • Drag and Drop Metadata from the PDF document itself or ECM Folders - directly onto the check in form - for quick check-ins with quality metadata

Save about 30 min of peak productive time per user per day - every day

... by eliminating repetitive manual steps required for every check-in and update.

Save a lot more time when working with PDF Electronic Binders:

"Electronic binders often have over a dozen documents in them and - without Integration - these manual steps need to be followed for each document."

- Stephen Madsen, Program Manager, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Our PDF WebCenter Integration Plug-ins do not require an installer. Simply unzip the content of a distribution package into Acrobat's plugins folder and restart Acrobat to use WebCenter Integration features.

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Browse Our PDF WebCenter Integrations:

Acrobat Integration for Oracle Web Center Content

Work with PDF Documents stored in Oracle Content Server - right from Adobe Acrobat XI and Acrobat DC.
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Foxit Reader and Foxit Phantom Integration for Oracle WebCenter Content

Have all your WebCenter users work directly with PDF documents and metadata from Oracle WebCenter and eliminate Records and Data Integrity Risks - without any per user license fees.

Allow users to annotate PDFs in Content Server as easily as if they were local files.



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