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Rapid WebCenter Customizations

Business rules, metadata, check in and search screens often take a lot longer than anticipated. These 'investments' often don't pay off and could be especially frustrating when WebCenter is not used in a Line Of Business application. Even more frustrating, when after all this time and money spent on customizations - business users end up with slow and confusing interfaces.

We have been successful delivering required business logic in a fraction of the time anticipated -thanks to skillful application of the latest design and usability techniques.

Our Rapid Customization Process uncovers and maps complete set of business requirements, avoids known ECM problem areas and helps you achieve business goals significantly faster and with much less development.

We offer live interactive prototyping so your users get to see and feel the changes before a first line of code is ever written.

Your Oracle Support Agreement only covers out of the box WebCenter features, so less customizations will mean better Support Coverage, lower costs and more reliable operations.

Better Time To Market

  • Maximum Use Of Standard Features
  • Avoid known ECM Problem Areas
  • Discovery Of Missing Requirements
  • Alternative Implementation Tactics
  • Task Outsourcing - Europe

Better User Experience

  • Simple, Intuitive UIs
  • Support Mobile Devices
  • Eliminate Waiting
  • Avoid Duplicate Entries
  • No Training Required

Check out our Recent Projects page to see sample SPAs, applications and customizations we have developed
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