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Single Page Applications (SPA)

Single-Page Applications (SPAs) are the latest take on Web apps, that provide ultimate rich user experience, without constant page reloads. They run on a variety of mobile devices as well as conventional desktop platforms, providing business users with ultimate productivity - in and out of the office.

Our WebCenter SPAs offer zero learning curve, low development cost, fast time to market and ultimate user productivity.

WebCenter SPAs could be a great alternative to traditional customization efforts. They use App Refacing Approach and built on standard and fully supported Content Server Web Services - to rapidly implement required custom functionality.

We offer live interactive prototyping, so your users get to see and feel new functionality - before a first line of code is ever written.

Check out our Recent Projects page to see sample SPAs

Faster Than Conventional Customization

  • Avoid known ECM Problem Areas
  • Use Of Standard Features
  • Discovery Of Missing Requirements
  • Alternative Implementation Tactics
  • Task Outsourcing to Europe

Better User Experience

  • Run on a variety of devices
  • Simple, Intuitive UIs
  • Eliminate Waiting
  • Avoid Duplicate Entries
  • Zero learning curve

Check out our Recent Projects page to see sample SPAs
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