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These tools and techniques have been applied at:

Checklists, tips and pointers clients paid a lot of money for just a few months ago:

  • Quick Hits for Improving Performance - easy to follow checklist we use internally for diagnosing and fixing slow performance issues.
    • New WebCenter Content 12c step by step guided installation video that will make installing new Content Server 12c a breeze.
      • Content Migration, Batch Loader and Code Generation - the secrets that allowed us to get a project over a finish line 16.9 times faster. A must-read if you're planning a content migration.
  • Actionable help with Indexer Issue Troubleshooting - will help you understand why content items are getting stuck in the 'done' state and will help you to quickly see exactly how the full text search is working internally.
  • Undocumented Dynamic Converter Tricks - things you won't find in the manual...

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  • Complete Guide to Content Server Workflows. If you don't yet consider yourself an expert of Content Server workflows - this guide will almost certainly save you days (if not weeks) of trial and error, while going through hundreds of pages of online documentation.
  • Integrating Oracle Content Server into larger architectures. This whitepaper is the fastest way (may actually take you as little as 45min if you know what you're doing!) to tap into your WebCenter Content from 'outside'.
  • Detailed steps of how we made a complete working test copy of a 465 Gb production Content Server environment in under 30 min (!) when supported Configuration Migration way may take you several days to arrive to the same result.

And finally, your kit includes this handy, easy to use tool that was exclusively used by Oracle Consulting and never shared with anyone from 'outside' until recently:
HDA File Editor tool, that makes proprietary Content Server HDA file format easy to read, understand and update.