Government of Alberta

Government of Alberta enjoys a...

5x boost in user productivity

with their new Time Entry and Manpower Costing Application

ECM Solutions designed and developed Time Entry and Manpower Costing Tool to improve accuracy of time entry and reduce effort required and allow employees to make use of their available out-of-the-office time



  • Requirements and Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Testing and Support


Older time entry application (See screenshot below) required users to be physically present in the office to complete their weekly time entry.
Mobile users were resorting to paper timesheets that required significant additional effort to digitize.
Both legacy online and paper timesheets required 10..15 min per week time to accurately enter activities across multiple projects. Distractions and lack of concentration resulted in errors, corrections and repeated submissions.


New time entry system uses Responsive Design to run on any device. It uses color coding and visual scale to show time logged against each project visually. This reduced the time required to fill weekly timesheet down to 2..3 minutes - a 5x improvement.
Mobile users can now take advantage of their free time off site to log their time, eliminating paper and duplicate time entry.
Color coding and to-scale time blocks allowed to greatly reduce error rate, corrections and redundant workflow effort..
Easy to use Admin Application allows supervisors to manage their branches, taking the load off Finance People



  • Time required to fill in timesheet reduced 5x - from 10..15 min down to 2..3 min
  • Easy to use interface requires less concentration - reduces error rates and effort required to correct
  • Can be done anywhere during free time, maximizing productivity in the office
  • Mobile users no longer use paper timesheets
  • Supervisors can now control their department's time entry process

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