Hays Recruiting Experts Worldwide' now mobile-friendly Salary Center

Adds millions potential visitors to the site

... while delivering 5 times better then anticipated performance

Hays Specialist Recruitment Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hays plc, which has been at the forefront of the global recruitment industry for over thirty-five years. With annual revenues of over £2.1 billion, Hays Specialist Recruitment is the largest specialist recruitment consultancy in the world. It’s corporate head offices are located in the United Kingdom, and it has over 8,800 staff in 393 offices across 33 countries. Last year Hays placed 80,000 people in permanent jobs and approximately 300,000 contractors in temporary assignment for our clients.



  • Discovery & Ideation
  • Visual Design
  • Development - Oracle Site Studio
  • Maintenace and Support
  • Training and Documentation


Salary Center is the second most popular feature of the web site - next to the job search. Existing Salary Center on hays.co.uk is built using ClickPages.com, resembling the paper brochure, lacks important search functionality and is built using the outdated Adobe Flash technology that is not available on the majority of today's mobile devices. Click Pages solution is also expensive to maintain, as it requires updates to both content as well as formatting as well as charts.


New Salary Center is no longer using Flash and is capitalizing on standards - compliant HTML and Java Script. It is delivered by the company' proven existing WebCenter Content infrastructure and it’s use of content templates eliminates the need to format the outcome.

We were able to eliminate the need to contact server for each of the 6 step Salary Guide Search and reduced these to just one request. By capitalizing on the powerful capabilities of modern desktop and mobile browsers - we achieved virtually instant responses to steps 2 to 6 of the search process and thus over 5x better performance, compared with traditional server-side solution.

Creative use of full WebCenter Content capabilities now allow Hays marketing team to continue working with it’s easy to use excel data tables and use them to populate the data on the web site. This alone has saved an estimated 6 person weeks of estimated data migration effort plus the ongoing benefit of using the familiar tool.



"Right off the bat ECM Solutions helped us collect our ideas into a strategic focus that was optimal for our on line presence and growth. New Salary Center better positioned us in the marketplace."
Thea Watson

Marketing Manager - North America

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